United Surveys has the tools and over 100 years combined experience to help with your cased hole logging challenge.  Providing Oil Well Logging, Perforating, Plugging Services for Oil and Gas Industry:

  • Locate gas behind pipe to aid in recompletion evaluation
  • Evaluate abandoned wells for possible re-entry
  • Help define depleted zones and moved water contacts in producing zones
  • Detect oil zones in some instances
  • Oil Well Logging
  • Wireline Logging
  • Perforating

See what is GDN and why it is proven to be the Gas/Oil finding log.

Our seven wireline service unites are manned by trained, experienced crews operating state-of-the-art digital surface and subsurface equipment. Experienced mechanical and electronic technicians support field crews and equipment out of our fully equipped maintenance facility. We take pride in offering well maintenance hoist units, cables, and tools to provide a complete line of cased hole services and to assure safe and reliable service.

We strive to provide the highest quality of logging and perforating service. Give us your feedback on the job performed to help us serve you better in our future association.